Special Menu Surprise

4-courses menu                                     39,50 €
with an appropriate wine 0,25 l                45,50 €



Tortiglioni (Penne) served on a loaf of parmesan      8,50 €

“Crispy pleasure” with leaf salads, fruits and roasted seeds      9,50 €

Spillikins of asparagus with red hummus     12,80 €

Escolar with salad of bulgur and caviar     13,80 €

Vitello Tonnato – new interpretation     14,60 €

Steak tartare of beef  – sui generis    15,90 € 

Gamba Stroganoff with sorbet of beetroot     16,80 


Soup of vegetables in disorder (vegan)      7,50 €

Soup of wild garlic with marinated salmon    8,60 €


Main courses

“Dances with fishes” – white halibut, in a yard of vegetables with spinach-potatoes     26,50 €

small dish     22,50 €

Onglet, american steak, confected sous-vide, with spiced potatoes and vegetable’s magic   27,20 €

Fillet of beaf with sauce ravigote, little balls of potatoes and roulette of mushrooms     28,50 €

Duck breast with orange-honey-sauce, fruit promenade and plum dumpling     22,40 €

Saddle of veal with red Mojos, “the sun on the plate” and ragout of asparagus      27,20 €

small dish     23,30 €

Saddle of lamb with zucchini-boat in mediterranean vegetables and polenta     27,80 €

small dish     22,70 €

Paradise of vegetables (vegan)     19,80 €

Asparagus with tatar-sauce and westphalian ham or Supermorbido      16,50 €

“Happiness of-the-rack” with hollandaise sauce and marinated salmon      21,60 €



“Garden of Venus” – five sweet dwarfs     14,00 €

Meringue-rhubarb-tartlet with vanilla ice cream   9,50 €

“One flew over the cuckoo’s nest” with caviar of fruits     8,90 €

Symbiosis of strawberries, kogel-mogel and shortbread ice cream    7,00 €

Flow of chocolates (6 pieces)    5,00 €


11-courses-menu  “Anbiss”

(Tapas in accomplishment)

11-courses-menu complete                   89,00 €
with appropriate wines (glass 0,25 l)             114,00 €

You may enjoy the menu “Anbiss” with 3, 5 or 7 courses as well.


Asparagus-carpaccio with chutney of rhubarb


Soup of wild garlic


Gamba Stroganoff with sorbet of beetroot


Escolar with salad of bulgur


Doughnut of oxtail


Daiquiri of strawberries

*** ***

Pasta and Basta (vegan)

*** * ***

Saddle of lamb with grecque de légumes

**** ****

“One flew over the cuckoo’s nest”

**** * ****

“Kristiano Roulado”

***** *****

Espresso with confection of plums and grappa

***** * ******


*Also in vegetarian’s, vegan’s style, gluten-free and dairy free possible  

Substances with labelling obligation:  1) with food-colouring   2) with preservative   3) with antioxidant   4) with flavour-enhancer   5) sulphurised    6) blackened    7) with phosphate    8) with milk protein    9) caffeinated   10) contains quinine   11) with sweetener   13) waxed

Allergenes:  a) eggs   b) fish    c)  shellfish   d) milk    e) celery   f) sesame   g) sulphur oxide and sulphide    h) peanuts    i) contains gluten   j) lupine   k) shell fruits     l) mustard    m) soybean     n) molluscan

Should you have further questions concerning allergens and ingredients, our staff would be pleased to give you information.


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