Celebrations at Schloss Nordkirchen

the “Westphalian Versailles”

catering-iko„celebrate like a king at an affordable price”

Our restaurant features different rooms where up to 300 guests can feel like royalty.

Enjoy the casual atmosphere of the impressive rooms at Schloss Restaraunt Nordkirchen in the enchanting setting of the ‘Westphalian Versailles’.

From festive menus to “dinner for two” everything is possible in this historically unique setting.

Following rooms are available:


” Bach “roze-iko

This room is a little treasure because of the combination of modern art and its historical cross-vault architecture. It seats 16 guests.

However its possible to rearrange the tables for groups up to 30 guests.

The vestibule Carpe Diem accomodates receptions up to 60 guests.





” Venus “roze-iko

This room features the view to the baroque garden Venusinsel and is surrounded by a moat. It accomodates up to 40 guests at round tables or at long tables up to 80 guests.

The spacious anteroom with fireplace can be set up for a buffet and a dance floor.



” Bistro “roze-iko

Our Bistro has been evaluated as one of the Top 100 in Germany. Modern art and ancient cross-vault architecture enhance the unique environment.

This atmospheric room seats 32 guests.





” Fireplace room “roze-iko

Receptions for up to 60 guests or for 30 seated guests.



” Rubens “roze-iko

This room, separated from the rest of the restaurant, is ideal for
office parties, conferences, family celebrations and other special events.
With a view to the Venusinsel and the moat,
85 guests can feel at home.







” Jupiter Saal “roze-iko

…a place of interest per se!
For dinners the festival hall of the old castle, the magnificent historic Jupiter Saal Schlosses, dem prächtigen historischen Jupiter Saal, runde
accomodates at round tables 90 or at long tables 120 guests.
The Jupiter Saal, extended to the entire floor of representation of the castle, seats up to 250 guests.

Bookings are only available ten times per annum.



  ” Oranienburg “roze-iko

The Oranienburg – the old hunting lodge – is another highlight of the Schloss Nordkirchen.

Up to 150 guests can be accommodated at round tables in the Great Hall.

This room also offers generous space for musicians and a dance floor.


Terrace in the courtyardroze-iko

The terrace in the courtyard invites up to 100 guests to enjoy summer, sun and tasty snacks.







Catering – at your homeroze-iko

Bring Schloss Restaurant Nordkirchen into your home or office.

Spoil your guests at your home with our buffets.

Be inspired by our extraordinary catering and attractive presentation of the menus.

Contact us and we would be happy to be of assistance to you.